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My one year old (who is still breastfeeding) is way too heavy. I worry that he will have obesity problems. He eats a lot of fruit and vegetables and less products with fat. No sugar, no bread, and no pasta. What should I do?

It sounds like you're doing a brilliant job feeding your son, especially as you are still breastfeeding him. If you are really worried about his weight speak to your GP, but if you are feeding him well I wouldn’t worry one bit. We are all different and grow at different rates!

I wouldn’t cut down good fats (butter, fish oils, avocado, nuts) from his diet as these are amazing for his brain health. The only foods I would eliminate are things made with seed oils (like sunflower) and vegetable oils as these are inflammatory oils that we don’t need (they're in all processed foods, like crisps)! With regards to sugar: if he’s having fruits and vegetables, that’s excellent and he doesn’t need processed sugar so well done cutting that out! Well done again, and try not to compare his weight to anyone else!

Mum of 2