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Mum of 2

My one year old hasn't slept through the night yet. He always wakes for milk - has anyone else experienced this?

You must be exhausted! My son took a while to wean off mummy milk at night. I found it hard not to offer breast milk when my son was upset in the night, so for a while my partner was the only one who could settle him.

We set aside a week to concentrate on the night waking and weaning off night feeds. It wasn't too long before I could settle him without milk.

If you are happy for him waking for milk, carry on until you are ready to stop and you have some support. There is no right or wrong time. I kept feeding my little boy at night until 18 months. They are all so different: my first son naturally stopped at nine months, whereas my little girl is nine months and we still have a lot of night waking!

Pregnant mum of 3

My daughter was the same. We used to let her have a bottle before bed and then during the night just give her water from a cup... it took a week or so but she got used to it, she is three now and only wakes up for a drink of water every now and then.

Are you nursing him? If so, are you sure he's hungry? In my experience, my daughter used me as a pacifier and just wanted the comfort. Maybe just try hushing him back to sleep instead? I feel your pain though... it's tough!