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Pregnant mum

My four week old is definitely not sleeping the recommended 16 hours a day. Should I be worried?

From what I remember, at around five weeks when my son was really difficult, I couldn’t get him to sleep easily. He’d cry and cry (possibly over tired?) and I remember finding that really overwhelming.

What I would say is that their sleep and general patterns are so changeable at that age. In a couple of weeks it will probably be totally different (I seem to remember week eight feeling much easier)! If things don’t change and you’re really concerned, check in with your GP.

When my son was about that age and not sleeping (and refusing to be put down), my friend recommended a sling. I used a Cuddlebug one, and he tended to feel a lot more chilled in there and cuddled up next to me, and he’d doze off. Others have found pushing a baby in a pram sends them off.

Hope that helps. He’ll get better with it, it’s a tricky stage.

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