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Mum of 4

Why can my baby settle herself to sleep at night but not during the night? My baby is four months old and sleeps well at night, only waking up for one or two feeds. But during the day I either have to feed her sleep, leave her to cry before she settles or rock her to settle. Is there anything I can do to help her settle during the day?

Hi! So, all four of mine were pickles to get to sleep during the day. I had to ensure that before their nap they had been active and had tired themselves out and were ready for sleep.

For example, if I had been out all morning and they had just been sat in the buggy, I knew that they would not be tired enough for sleep when I got home. Whereas if they had been on their baby mat, kicking legs, trying to roll, or in their bouncer hopping around all morning, then the chances of a peaceful easy sleep during the day are much better!

Make sure they have been busy and active and are ready for a nap. Hopefully this will help with them going down!

Mum of 4