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Mum of 2

I’m looking for some help on how to stop breastfeeding my one month old twins - I’m on my second bout of mastitis. Thanks in advice!

Okay, so weaning off breastfeeding can be hard, so here are a few tips to help you through it!

1. Reduce breastfeeding by one or two feeds a day and replace those feeds with formula.

2. Only express when you feel your breasts are heavy (and even then, only a small amount at a time).

3. Do not limit the water you’re drinking but try to limit salt and white sugar for seven days to reduce water retention.

4. Do not take medication to stop milk supply as it can cause headaches, itching, dizziness and sometimes much more severe side effects too. But if you’re breasts are painful, take a painkiller.

In the first two or three weeks after weaning, you milk may run from your breasts without much stimulation. This might be during intercourse or when you’re experiencing intense feelings such as a low mood or high stress. This is completely normal. If it persists and bothers you though, drink some sage. But if spontaneous flow continues for three months, you should see a doctor.

Eirini, Tinto Expert