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Pregnant mum of 1

Does anyone have any ideas on what I can feed my one year old baby boy to vary his diet? He is really into eating solids but he’s so independent and wants to do it all himself, which makes it difficult to actually get the food in him!

That does sound frustrating! I would recommend lots of practice within both meals and play time so he can get used to holding and using a spoon.

My son is 17 months and he always likes to feed himself. He often drops things and I let him drop them a few times before offering him help. I’ve found that giving him a chance, then asking if he wants me to help and stepping away when he doesn’t has really helped. It doesn’t work every time though - toddlers are so changeable!

But I wouldn’t worry too much about him getting enough - babies are very good at knowing when their hunger or fill. Quite often, throwing food can come from them being full up!

Katie, Tinto Expert