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Mum of 1

Hi! I have a five month old daughter and she is breastfed. The last week, she has been going to bed at 7pm, waking up at 11pm for a feed, waking up again at 2 or 3am for a feed and then not going back to sleep for two hours. Then, when she does go back to sleep, she sometimes get up again a couple of hours later.

Hi! It sounds like you’re experiencing a split night with your little one and this often happens with the two sleep regulations, i.e. circadian rhythm and homeostatic sleep pressure, are not aligned.

Split nights can happen during developmental leaps where your baby’s brain is working overtime and sleep goes on the back burner.

Or split nights are sometimes down to poorly timed day naps, i.e. you have a long gap between her last nap and bedtime or maybe the last nap is longer and too close to bedtime, which means by 2-3am in the morning she has had all the sleep she needs.

You might need to relook at her day and the timings of her naps to ensure that her sleep is evenly distributed during the day. If she’s having 2 30 minute naps in close succession you might need to increase the time between them a bit or alternatively she may be better off having four naps and a slightly later bedtime to prevent lengthy wake windows.

Hope that helps a little bit!

Emma, Tinto Expert