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My four month old does not sleep during the day. Help!

There are so many reasons why your little one is finding it tricky to sleep during the day. At four months, there is often so much going on developmentally, cognitively and socially that sleep often goes on the back burner.

Ultimately, sleep during the day your little one needs to be calm in their parasympathetic nervous system and be able to stay there. I would recommend you increase the amount of sensory stimulation they have during their awake time, as this is key to a calm nervous system. You could create a sensory basket with household objects, putting music on and dancing. You could go out into your garden, balcony or a park to look at trees, birds, plants, etc. You could also have a bath with your little one during the day.

Make sure you’re doing tummy time too, as this can make a huge difference to your baby’s regulation, development and sleep. Please do watch your little one during tummy time to see if they’re uncomfortable or resistant. This could mean something else is going on like reflux or tethered oral tissues.

You might also like to try carrying your baby around in a baby carrier as this way you can still get things done! It can help to take the focus off naps like this, rather than spending all day getting them down for a nap.

Hope that helps!

Emma, Tinto Expert