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Mum of 1

Hello! My three month old will only sleep in our arms. Every time we try to put him down in his crib he starts crying or he’ll only sleep in there for about 30 minutes. We have tried many different swaddles, sound machines and even different cribs but nothing is working!

Please know that you’re not alone in relation to your little one only wanting to sleep in your arms! I have so many clients with babies of a similar age that are going through exactly the same thing.

Babies are essentially carry mammals, which means that being close to their caregivers during those early months is essential for survival.

It can help to imagine yourself as their external womb. Unlike you, his cot is cold, still and unfamiliar. My suggestion would be to begin by spending some time acclimatising him to it during awake time. You might like to practice gently lowering him in. Once he’s there, you could sing to him, smile at him and play with him so he builds up positive affirmations.

I would also rule out any underlying feeding problems that might make it uncomfortable for him to be lying down. Lots of babies suffer from reflux when laid on their backs and are unable to adjust to make themselves comfortable. To counteract this, I recommend feeding him before you intend to put him down as well as introducing him to tummy time. The tummy time method by Michelle Emmanuelle is a great resource: https://www.tummytimemethod.com/tummytimetrade-method.html

I hope this helps a little and please come back to me if you’d like more info!

Emma, Tinto Expert