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Mum of 1

My baby has been on solids for about seven months, but she still won’t eat any savoury foods. We keep offering them to her, but she just refuses. She has also become lazy with holding her own food. Please help!

Sounds like you’re at a frustrating phase with food right now! But don’t worry, it’s quite normal for babies to go through phases like this.

It can take lots of exposure to certain tastes before babies become used to them. I would offer a couple of different foods at mealtimes including one new food but also at least something that you know she already likes. Give her a chance to try the new food and if she doesn’t, calmly move on but make sure she sees you eating it (both then and there and at other times) so she gets familiar with it. Offer it again at another mealtime, still without any pressure to try it. Keeping foods on the table, showing her that you eat them and not pressurising will show that they’re safe and enjoyable. It’s not a quick fix, but it does work.

My toddler went through a phase of not wanting to feed himself and only wanting to be fed by me – I have no idea why! I still offer him the spoon first and then, if he doesn’t do anything, ask if he needs my help. I will then give one spoon and say, “you do the next spoon” and keep on repeating. Sometimes I think they just don’t fancy doing it themselves and other times I think they need to know that you’re there if they need you.

Katie, Tinto Expert