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Tips on increasing milk supply?

If your baby is full term and healthy, usually feeding on demand or as often as possible will increase your milk supply. If your baby is still only days old, you milk may not have come in yet so if that’s the case just keep feeding and it will eventually. If your baby was premature or you had a difficult labour this can sometimes take a bit longer. So try to be patient (I know it can be so tricky)!

Topping up with formula can lower supply as your baby needs less breast milk so your body makes less if that makes sense! So some people pump after nursing or use a pump on the other side during feeding, which can help. But if your baby is in the NICU and it’s pumping that you’re struggling with, bear in mind that we make the most milk in the early hours of the morning (2-4am) so that may be a good time to pump if you’re not already. You might also want to ask the hospital for a breast pump, as they often have pretty good ones.

Breastfeeding is a big commitment for you and your body so it’s really important to stay well hydrated and fed. There are a few herbal remedies like fenugreek and brewer’s yeast (which I’ve used to make cookies). Occasionally I’ve heard that some medicines can increase a low supply, but you’re best off speaking to your health visitor or GP about your options.

Mum of 1