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I have a two week old baby girl. I really want to breastfeed exclusively, but I am worried it will hurt too much. Any advice?

When I was in hospital, my midwife kept telling me that breastfeeding should not hurt. I feel like so many women aren’t told this and it’s such a helpful thing to bear in mind!

When you first start, it can feel a little strange or be a little painful until you establish how it all works. But if it did hurt, my midwife would always release the latch using her little finger and ask me to try again. Sometimes it would feel uncomfortable for the first few seconds or painful if I had the latch wrong but then it would settle down. Early on, I also had cracked nipple, which were sore, but when I worked on that it got less painful again. Some people suggest that if you think you have a good latch and it’s still hurting then you should consider checking if your baby has tongue tie with an expert.

Good luck with whatever you decide!