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How many naps should a baby have? I’ve been trying to help my little one to nap regularly but it’s very hit and miss. My husband thinks that daytime naps are unnecessary so doesn’t help to calm the baby down and often gets him excited instead. Today he was up for five hours and he seemed tired but it was a battle and he woke up as soon as I put him down. He’s definitely not having 15 hours of sleep a day - is this a problem?

Naptime is tricky at the beginning and your baby is changing constantly so whenever you think you’ve got a rhythm, bear in mind that this might need to change again but don’t worry, it’s just constant adjustment. If your little one is now three months old, you can definitely keep trying to put him down for a nap every two hours. It would be very beneficial for him to get lots of rest for a good development. It’s a bit of a misconception thinking that keeping your baby busy will make him tired at night – it works for adults but for babies, try to see it more like a training. The more you do it, the better they’ll get at it. Hope this helps!

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