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Mum of 1

Recently my eight month old has been refusing his first nap. He seems to be okay with the second one, as I usually take him out for a walk, but even then he only sleeps for 10-15 minutes. I’ve tried to bring his nap forward and pushed it back but nothing is working!

Ah! Totally been there. There are a few things I have tried:

1. Increase the number of activities to get the baby very tired

2. Increase the time between when he wakes up and when he has his first nap so he’s more tired

3. Earlier wake up time

4. Earlier bedtime

5. Sometimes it works to just have one longer nap in the afternoon

6. Create a nap routine that’s calm and soothing (music, massage, stories, dark room)

7. Try a sleep consultant!

Hope this helps!

Mum of 1