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My little one is breastfed and before the four month sleep regression was only waking three or four times a night but not consistently. Now he is waking five or six times a night and often wants a feed every time he wakes. As he doesn’t have usual feeding times and I don’t know if he’s also having a growth spurt, is it ok to continue feeding throughout the regression or will this cause more problems with self-soothing later?

The four month regression is really hard. There’s absolutely nothing round with what you’re doing – it sounds like you follow his cues as to when he wants to feed, which is great. Personally, I don’t think you’ll create a problem for yourself as your baby is far too young to self soothe anyway.

We had a very tough four month regression where my little boy would be up every 30-90 minutes. I carried on feeding him because I thought he was too small to try and sleep train. We did eventually try to encourage him to fall asleep in his cot when he was over six months old. I’m not sure whether it was that or just the passing of time that did it. He still wakes up throughout the night but usually just once or twice. Another couple of friends tried proper sleep trained - it worked for one and for the other, it worked initially but the results weren’t sustained.

Either way, whatever you decide to do will be the right choice for you and your family! It’s hard work so make sure you look after yourself and if you have support from your partner or are in a bubble, use them to get some rest!

Mum of 1