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How do you get a two year old to take medication? It always such a battle and I literally have to sit on him to get him to take anything! Please help!

First of all, it’s super normal to struggle to get babies to take medicine. Medicine often has a bitter taste, and at this age they tend to avoid bitter things (this might be because it stops them eating random plants - which is generally a good thing)!

He may be too young to reason with, but I would try to explain that you’re giving him something to make him feel better. Then, when he has the energy, you can add in the idea of magic medicine to your play. After a while, he will understand the connection.

Some people mix medicine with yoghurt or apple puree to make it taste better. Others offer a drink straight afterwards. You may also like to try different brands as they can taste different.

It can be really tricky to avoid, but if you can, try not to turn it into a fight. Give him lots of praise and remind him that it’s going to make him feel better.

Mum of 1