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She is also suffering with sporadic bouts of eczema. It’s mainly on her head, neck and now down her back. I have read that eczema can be linked to allergies. Is there anything that breastfeeding mums can eliminate from their diet to clear up baby’s eczema? Am I clutching at straws? Any advice or experience appreciated.

You might find Joe Wicks’ Wean in 15 helpful, which you can find on Instagram. His daughter had a reaction to pistachios but is okay with all other nuts. So you might find that she has had a reaction now but is fine in the future.

As for the eczema, the best thing to do is remove dairy and overly processed foods. I have eczema myself and when it gets bad, I cut out dairy, which normally helps a lot. However, through breast milk this might not make a huge difference.

So I would also look at household factors such as washing powder or any baby products you use on her skin. I only use non-bio natural detergents on my own skin and simple shower gel. For my son (11 months), I use Weleda baby bath and shampoo plus their moisturiser. These keep his skin eczema free.

I would also check for dust, woollen fabrics, pets, mould or flowers, which can cause reactions. You can put toys and blankets in the freezer to kill dust mites, and get a dehumidifier and move the baby’s crib away from the wall to deal with mould.

Hope some of this is useful!

Mum of 1