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10 things to discuss with your partner before the baby arrives

What parenting issues should you – shall we say – ‘politely discuss’ 🙃 with your partner before your bundle of joy arrives? Here are our 10 points to hugely disagree on, make you throw the cuddly toys you just bought for your baby at each other, and have you wondering how on earth you got here in the first place… bring it on. 😅

  1. How soon and how often will we see family and friends after the baby is born?
  2. Where will baby sleep? What do you think about parents sleeping in separate rooms for a bit?
  3. How will we divide housework, baby work, and outside-of-home work?
  4. What sort of food will baby eat? Will we eat the same thing or have a separate meal?
  5. What sort of childcare and schools most appeal to you?
  6. What style of discipline makes most sense to you?
  7. How much technology is too much technology?
  8. How will we cope when we disagree about a parenting decision?
  9. What do you think your parenting strengths will be? How about your weaknesses?
  10. What are our family values?

Remember, you certainly don’t have to have it all figured out! The idea is just to open the conversation and explore where you have a similar or different outlook.