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An introduction to tummy time

After so much time sleeping on their backs, it’s important that babies spend some time on their fronts too. Tummy time doesn’t have to be complicated - it just means making sure your baby spends a little time lying on their tummy while they’re awake.

Tummy time helps your little one strengthen the muscles in their back, neck and shoulders. This will help them develop overall coordination and learn to lift their head, turn over and eventually crawl. It also helps to prevent flat spots on your baby’s head (positional plagiocephaly).

You can start tummy time as soon as your baby is born. Start by placing your baby on your chest or across your lap (rather than on the floor) for just two or three minutes at a time, a few times a day. As your baby gets a little stronger, you can move them to the floor and gradually increase tummy time to about 20 minutes a day.

Make sure both you and baby are always wide awake for tummy time, which means it’s best not to try tummy time straight after feeding. Plus, lying on a full belly can be uncomfortable!

Some babies are not a fan of tummy time, and it’s not hard to see why. Facing the floor without being able to move our heads? No, thanks. But it is important to persevere. You can use toys (mirrors are great), music and your own lovely face to make tummy time more enjoyable. 🤗