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How the trimesters of pregnancy are defined

The word ‘trimester’ actually means a period of three months. Pregnancy is roughly nine months, which then divides satisfyingly into three trimesters.

The first trimester covers the first 13 weeks of pregnancy. During the first trimester, a baby develops from a small ball of cells (cute) to a foetus. With so much change happening, you’re likely to experience the most intense pregnancy symptoms during this trimester, including nausea, tiredness, cravings, bloating and needing to pee ALL. THE. TIME.

The second trimester spreads between week 14 and week 26. During the second trimester, you might experience some back pain and cramps but you’ll probably feel more energetic than you do in your first trimester. Super excitingly, you’ll probably feel your baby start to wriggle about in there too!

The third trimester follows you from week 27 all the way to when you give birth (around 40 weeks). This is the final stage of pregnancy and due to the increasingly heavy weight in your uterus, you may experience some incontinence, haemorrhoids, back or pelvic pain and shortness of breath here.