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When is the right time to have sex after birth?

At your six week postpartum appointment, you might have been informed that you’re now ‘fine’ to have sex again. If you wanted to laugh, cry or punch the person telling you this, you’re not alone.

For many, six weeks is way too early to be thinking about sex and doesn’t take into account your individual physical and, perhaps more importantly, mental recovery.

In short, the answer to when you should have sex is, well, whenever you feel like it. The key is that sex is not the same as intimacy.

Building up intimacy generally can be helpful before leaping to sex (seriously, leaping?!). Making eye contact is intimacy. A hand on a leg just when you need it is intimacy. Crying together is intimacy. Speaking honestly and open is intimacy.

Your brain is one of your most important sexual organs, so make the time there first.