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Pregnancy weight in perspective

Our society talks a lot about baby weight, but does anyone ever mention baby plus boob plus placenta plus womb plus fluid plus stored fat weight? We don’t think so.

The main thing to bear in mind is there isn’t a right amount of weight to gain during pregnancy - we’re all different. But if you’re wondering how it might add up, here’s a run down:

  • Your baby will weigh about 3.5kg by the end of your pregnancy, which is about the weight of a standard bag of potatoes.

  • Your boobs will gain about 1kg each in all likelihood, which is about two bags of flour.

  • Your placenta weighs about 700g, which is about a box of cereal.

  • Your womb and the fluid within it weighs about 2kg, which adds up to about two bags of carrots.

  • The amount of blood and fluid rushing about your body hugely increases during pregnancy too, adding about another two bags of sugar.

  • Your body will store some extra fat over your pregnancy to give you enough to breastfeed if that’s what you choose to do, which adds up to about 3kg. This is about the weight of a large chicken.

Every time you’re worrying about pregnancy weight gain, we suggest finding these items around your home and attempting to hold on to them all. We think you’ll find it’s a challenge.

Remember, these are just rough outlines. Everyone’s body responds differently to pregnancy, and that’s okay. Be gentle with yourself.