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5 tips for when your baby hates you brushing their teeth

Is your child clenching their jaw like a flippin’ shark every time you try and brush their teeth? Right this way, mama…

1. Start early

The earlier you can start brushing your child’s teeth, the more they will get used to the feeling.

2. Demonstrate through play

Introduce the activity by brushing the ‘teeth’ of your little one’s favourite cuddly toys. You could even play a bedtime routine game to help your child familiarise themselves with the process in a playful setting.

3. Let them watch you

Make it clear that everyone has to brush their teeth and that mummy doesn’t mind it one little bit.

4. Include them

Let them hold the toothbrush and ‘brush’ first to get them comfortable, and then you can take over to make sure they've had a good clean.

5. Add in positive associations

Have they got a favourite nursery rhyme or toy? Integrating already happy things into the teeth-brushing process will help your child realise there’s nothing to be scared of.

But how important can it be to brush baby's teeth when they're going to fall out anyway? 🤔 Nice try, but unfortunately it is important to keep all your little one’s teeth healthy for good nutrition and speed development. In fact, sometimes baby teeth don't have adult teeth underneath them, so your baby really will have that tooth for their whole life!

You should start brushing teeth twice a day as soon as there is a tooth to brush. Use a soft baby toothbrush with a tiny smear of fluoride toothpaste and brush in small circles.