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5 things NOT to do before your next gynaecology appointment

Going to a gynaecology appointment can be daunting. Can you remember when your last period was? Should you wear a dress or jeans? So we're here to reassure you... with five things NOT to do before your gynaecology appointment.

1. Don’t worry about shaving or waxing specially

Let’s cut straight to the chase - most of us could spend days before the appointment worrying about our pubic hair. But the doctor or midwife really doesn’t care what’s going on with your pubic hair. And we mean that in the nicest possible way. So unless you’d like to, there’s no need to bother.

2. Don’t use feminine washes or perfume

In fact, this doesn’t just apply to the night before an appointment. It’s always unnecessary to use any products to clean your vagina and can be quite harmful. That’s because your vagina is about a million times cooler than your kitchen and actually cleans itself.

3. Don’t worry about discharge

It’s absolutely normal to have discharge. And - you guessed it - the doctor will not care. In fact, it can actually be a pretty important part of your appointment if you’re going with some concerns.

4. Don’t have sex the night before…?

This one depends on the type of appointment. If your appointment is about abnormal discharge, it can be hard for your gynaecologist to tell what’s up if you’ve had sex the night before. If you’re having a smear test, then semen, condoms, and lubricants can slightly obscure or disrupt your results. So if you do have sex, don’t panic - but it might just be worth mentioning it so your doctor can take it into account.

5. Don’t be embarrassed

Hopefully you feel fairly comfortable with your gynaecologist. If you’re not so sure, know that you can always have another doctor or nurse there as chaperone, and - ultimately - you can always have a different doctor!

And finally, remember: there are no silly questions when it comes to gynaecology appointments.