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5 tips on meal stocking before baby arrives

Let’s face it. Once you have a baby, there’s not going to be much time to create culinary masterpieces in the kitchen. From soups to snacks, here are our top tips on how to stock your freezer before your baby arrives.

1. Be realistic

Even the most ambitious of batch cookers probably couldn’t cover the first three months with your freezer. If you have, how many freezers do you even have? Anyway… you’re pregnant so give yourself a break.

2. Choose foods you can drink

Bone broth is an absolute must for meat-eaters here. It keeps your gut healthy, supports immune function and provides collagen for healing your stretched-out skin. Smoothies packed with greens and a glug of kefir are another great way to go here to up your iron and look after your gut. Top tip: freeze soups in a ziplock bag (reusable if possible) in a flat baking tray. Once it’s frozen in a nice rectangular shape, remove the baking tray and stack in your freezer.

3. Keep it small

If you’re making huge stews, make sure you break them up into smaller portions. You don’t want to find yourself with a huge lasagne that you have to eat repeatedly for a week and a half! 

4. Go for food you can eat one-handed

Keep it simple with muffins and wraps that are easy to eat while standing or doing something else with the other hand. This is particularly true for breakfast and lunch, which are all too easy to forget when you’re stocking up!

5. Make the most of your support system

Unfortunately, not every single morsel of postpartum food can live in your freezer. You will start craving some crunchy salad leaves. When people ask to come over to hold the baby, ask them to bring a big bag full of greens. Fair trade, right?