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What to do when you finally get some legit alone time

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Mallory Brooke
Mum of 2

You get so little time to yourself as a mum, that you sort of panic whenever you finally have a few hours of uninterrupted child-free time. Here are some simple steps to get rid of that nagging anxiety whenever you find yourself with some time to spare.

1. Put your mind at ease knowing your child is well looked after

You won’t be able to relax if you’re constantly thinking about how your little one is getting on. So, ask whoever is looking after your child to send updates. A cute quick pic is best here but also feel free to request updates at certain times, e.g. ‘They’re down for their nap!’ or ‘They ate this for lunch!’

2. Map out exactly what you want to do during your time

It’s easy for any ‘me time’ you get to just be used up on various random tasks. So instead, make a concerted effort to sit down and think about what you’d actually like to do. Write it down. No, that doesn't mean finally getting time to wash the dishes or do laundry. What do YOU want to do? Something creative? Resting? Moving your body? Online shopping?

3. Plan out your time

It may not be realistic for you to spend all of your time without your child on fun things. But planning out exactly how much time you will spend on what will help you get that all-important time to relax. Here’s an example:

  • 30 minute walk
  • 15 minutes cleaning
  • one hour (preferably 16 hours, but yunno…) of Netflix

The key is: stick to the plan. It’s so easy to let the cleaning take a little longer than you said. And I get it! For me, I can't fully relax if I see piles of dirty socks strewn across the floor, or any sort of mess for that matter. But try to remember that it’s more important that you use this time to relax. So when your allotted time for sorting things out is up, drop the hoover, girl, and get yourself onto the sofa.