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The second trimester: what to expect

One third through pregnancy - woohoo! Hopefully, some of the earlier pregnancy symptoms, including that dreaded sickness, is starting to wear away and you’re gaining more energy again.

But as the baby grows and the uterus moves upwards and outwards, new symptoms will make their appearance. Don’t worry though, they’re usually not as severe as the first trimester.

In particular, you’ll probably need to pee a lot more than usual as the pressure on the bladder grows. Urinating shouldn’t be painful however, so if it is you might well have a urinary tract infection (UTI) that needs to be treated.

Other common symptoms that appear during the second trimester are cramps, bleeding or swollen gums, spotty skin (nooo), shiny thick hair (yesss), hot flushes and swollen hands and feet.

At this stage, your baby is around seven centimetres long and has begun to move (although you probably won’t feel anything yet). Your baby will also have started to pee, which will become part of the amniotic fluid surrounding and protecting them. Gross or cute? You decide!