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How to eat well while prepping, cooking, and providing snacks for baby

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Katie Angotti
Tinto nutritionist

After figuring out what your little one is going to eat all day, and of course actually preparing the food, it can be difficult to muster up the energy to create nutritious meals for yourself as well.

But one of the best tips I can give is to make sure that you and your baby are eating the same thing. If you feel like you’re doing the best for your baby, eat the same things and then the knock-on effect is that it will be good for you too.

For the most part, they can have what you have. You can do this from the start of weaning if you want to, and that way you don’t have to prepare multiple meals.

That's how they learn what is good and safe and nice to eat too - by eating and seeing what we eat. And they quickly get to the point where they want what’s on your plate anyway!

The main things you need to avoid for a baby under 12 months are salt, added sugar, and honey. We avoid salt because their kidneys can’t process too much salt, and honey occasionally contains bacteria that can produce toxins that can cause infant botulism, which can be very serious. Babies can have most herbs and spices from when you start cooking, but chilli will probably be a bit too much for them - not just for their taste buds but also for their digestive system - you’ll find very nasty effects there! 🌶️💩

As long as your diet is suitable and you’re happy to adapt it where necessary, then there’s no reason you can’t eat the same right from the get-go.