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5 simple tips for a healthy body and mind

You don't need to run a marathon to have a healthy lifestyle. Particularly with a little one to look after, it’s more about finding simple ways to keep you feeling good. Happy mum happy baby, right?

1. Start each day with a glass of water

No more downing coffee first thing in the morning. A big slurp of water (anyone else’s mouth watering?) isn’t just great for your body. Taking a moment to pause before diving into your day is a great idea for your mind too.

2. Add a blast of cold water to your shower

We're talking 30 to 90 seconds of water that's cold enough to make you gasp. Research suggests that even cold therapy from your bathroom can improve circulation, cardiac function, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. Oh, and it's sure to wake even the most exhausted mamas up too.

3. Curate a feel-good social media feed

Over the next few days, pause over each social media post you come across and ask yourself, ‘how does this make me feel?’ If the answer isn't inspired, calm, motivated, or happy, then unfollow.

4. Find the green in every day

We could all do with a little less blue light and a little more green space. Going for a walk to a park, field, or even just to look at a tree can do wonders.

5. Only eat at your table

We've all been there - mindlessly eating while wrangling a toddler, replying to an email, or cleaning the kitchen. But this year, take time to eat at the table. You'll find you enjoy your food more, eat slower (and so feel full faster) and build healthy habits for the whole family.