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How (and when) to baby proof

The key to baby proofing is to start a little earlier than you’d think. In fact, preparing your house for your little one during pregnancy is a good shout, as you’ll probably have a bit more spare time then! After that, you can tackle it step by step, as your baby grows.

Before your baby is born, tackle the larger things:

  1. Anchor your heavy furniture and appliances (especially the TV) to the walls and floor.
  2. Rearrange your storage so that any particularly dangerous items (like kitchen knives, medicine, and cleaning products) will never be within reach.
  3. Check that your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors work.
  4. Get rid of corded blinds, tablecloths, and anything else that hangs down.
  5. Position the baby’s cot away from heaters, lamps, wires, and furniture.

Before your baby is crawling, tackle the smaller things:

  1. Install finger pinch guards and locks on internal doors.
  2. Cover electrical outlets and the knobs of your cooker.
  3. Pack away breakable items and cover sharp corners (goodbye sophisticated home).
  4. Remove choking hazards - a good trick is to see if something is small enough to fit through a toilet roll tube. If it is, cut it.
  5. Install baby gates and locks on external doors and windows.