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How quickly are you fertile after coming off the pill?

Does your body need time to adjust after coming off the pill before you're fertile again? 🧐 The pill is described (and marketed!) as an immediately reversible form of contraception, but it really depends on your own personal cycles. No two women are the same, and everyone reacts differently to the pill.

Some people think that you become hyper-fertile when you stop taking the pill. Others take six months for their cycles to become regular again. Most people are somewhere in between! Unfortunately, there isn’t loads and loads of research into this area.

But you certainly could become pregnant immediately after you stop taking the pill, so if you don't want to become pregnant you will need to use another form of contraception.

You should also allow six months for your cycle to return to normal. If things don’t seem right even then and you’re worried, that’s the time to speak to your doctor, even if just for some reassurance.