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5 reasons you should drink more water when pregnant

Staying hydrated is a good idea whether you're growing a tiny human or not. But drinking plenty of water really should be a priority while pregnant... even when you feel like you're peeing every five minutes anyway.⁠

Why? Well, drinking lots of water during pregnancy will help:

  1. Reduce swelling and water retention (counter-intuitive, we know)⁠
  2. Prevent UTIs
  3. Prevent constipation
  4. Prevent haemorrhoids⁠
  5. Produce amniotic fluid and eventually breastmilk⁠

It's recommended that you drink six to eight glasses of water a day, which comes to between one and a half and two litres. All drinks count but, as you should limit sugary drinks and caffeine while pregnant anyway, it's good to aim for this amount of good old plain water.⁠