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7 tips for when your baby hates bath time

Baby bath time: love it or hate it? While some babies can’t get enough of splashing about in the tub, others are like cats in... well, water. So today we're sharing our top tips for bath time.

1. Build positive associations

If there's some music that your little one loves, why not put on a tune or two? This will help integrate happy memories into bath time.

2. Help them feel secure

Try hugging babies arms into their chest or putting a warm flannel on their tummy to make them feel safe. Sometimes babies feel a bit lost at sea in a bath.

3. Don’t bathe them everyday

If your baby is not a fan of baths, remember that babies don't really get dirty at the beginning, so a couple of times a week is completely fine.

4. Make it cosy

No one wants a freezing bath - baby or not - so make sure the room and the water is warm enough (37 degrees is perfect).

5. Choose the mood

Bathe baby when they're nice and awake, rather than straight after a feed or when they're hungry. They'll be in a better mood to enjoy the water.

6. Make sure the bath is deep enough

The water should come up to your little one's chest as it can be chilly if you’re half-in and half-out. Just make sure that you stay right next to your baby during bath time.

7. Hop in with them

This will help baby feel calm and cosy and is a lovely bonding moment too. Not to mention saving your back and shoulders from few aches and pains!