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What is the bloody show?

First things first, the bloody show is absolutely not something you should be worried about. Despite the horrific sounding name, the bloody show is a very small amount of blood that'd released from your cervix near the end of your pregnancy. It actually means you might be meeting your baby soon - hurray! Why do we have to make all terms to do with pregnancy and birth as scary as possible? Not a clue. 🙄

The cervix is full of blood vessels. As the cervix begins to open up, and the mucus plug that helps to create a barrier between the vagina and the uterus throughout pregnancy starts to dislodge, some of these blood vessels will rupture (you won't feel anything!) and you'll bleed a little.

In fact, the bloody show is usually not that bloody. Because it often happens alongside losing your mucus plug, the bloody show will often appear as pinkish or brownish discharge or blood-streaked mucus, which can continue for a while. If the two happen separately however, it might be bright red. But if you're bleeding red blood, it's a good idea to check what's happening with your midwife or doctor just to be sure.

Although the bloody show is a sign that labour may start soon, it's certainly does not mean that you need to rush to hospital (although you might already be there as some women only experience the bloody show once labour has already started)! In most cases, labour will start a few minutes or a few days after the bloody show.