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C-section scar massage: how and why

Massage is a great way of reducing tightness, tugging and numbness around your C-section scar. You can start massaging your scar once it’s fully healed, which is usually after six weeks.

But before attempting scar massage, check in on yourself. How are you feeling about touching your scar? If you’re not comfortable, just wait for a bit longer. Scar massage is all about listening to your body.

Once your stitches are removed or absorbed, you can start softly touching the skin around your scar. It’s usually easiest to lie down, and it can help to use a lubricant like coconut or olive oil. You can put your fingers just below or above your scar and gently stretch the skin. The main thing is to start getting familiar with this new part of you.

When your scar is healed, you can start by gently sweeping two fingers along. Then start to make little circles too. You might notice areas that feel raised or tight. If you feel comfortable, pause and work into them.

Eventually, you might want to pick up your scar and roll it between your fingers more firmly. This will help you get all the movement and feeling back around your scar. Ideally, massage your scar little and often for maximum recovery.