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3 ways to build confidence before going back to work

You will return to work more capable than ever, mama. Honest. But in case you don’t quite believe us yet, coming up are three ways to help you feel work-ready. 💪

1. Remind yourself of your accomplishments

It might feel like a million years since you were working, but that doesn’t mean all your successes have been erased. So grab some paper and write down all the fabulous things you’ve done in your career so far. And if you’re struggling, ask someone who knows you well - a partner or maybe even a work friend.

2. Reconnect with colleagues beforehand

It can be scary walking into a workplace if you haven’t been there for a while. Asking a work mate for a coffee a few days before is a great way to put your mind at ease. Take some time to chat, catch up on what’s been happening, and just generally remind yourself that there are people who are there for you!

3. Remember that you’ve done an amazing thing

Society often makes out that you lose skills while on maternity leave. Let’s just say the people who claim this have clearly never unloaded the dishwasher, amended the insurance and made two separate dinners for the family... all while singing a nursery rhyme and, oh, holding a baby.