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How to sort through your baby's wardrobe

Anyone else feel like they spend their life holding up newborn outfits and crying, ‘BUT WHEN DID THEY GET SO BIG?’ 😪 Letting go of baby clothes can be tricky. But if you’ve got to the point where you can hardly open the drawer to find a pair of too-small socks, it’s probably time for a clear out. Here are four tips to get you through.

1. Set a space limit

Make a deal with yourself before you start. You might agree to one shelf, two storage boxes or three vacuum bags (these are fab for keeping your sentimental items safe but small). Whatever it is, stick to it.

2. Take photos of outfits

We’re not in the business of ripping onesies out of hands. If you absolutely love something and it holds a lot of memories for you, that’s cool. But when you just like an outfit - rather than love it - instead of filling your attic with them, cherish them through photos of your little one that will last forever.

3. Label by age and season

This is key. Who needs a fluffy onesie in July? If you had a winter baby and you’re planning on handing them down to a friend who has a summer baby or your very own second small human, very little will be useful. Give your future self a hand with detailed labels.

4. Recycle and pass on

Adding a heap of clothes to landfill if not cute. Instead, thinking about the other little babies who might need or love your baby clothes can be a great push for letting go. So recycle anything that is stained, ripped or worn out and donate the rest.