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3 tips on packing a hospital bag

Packing your labour bag can be really overwhelming, so here are our top three tips:

  1. Have separate bags for the separate periods of your delivery: one for labour, one for you after delivery, and one for baby after delivery is perfect. This means you won’t just end up with one huge Mary Poppins bag that you can’t find anything in!

  2. Put a list of everything that you’re packing at the top of the bag. It’s great to know what’s where, but even more helpful if you have a section for things that need to be added last minute, e.g. phone charger and toothbrush, so you don’t forget anything.

  3. Make sure your birth team - whether that’s your partner, parent or friend - knows where everything is. There’s absolutely no point in you packing a perfect hospital bag if the person who is actually going to be using it can’t find anything. So make sure they’ve got it covered as they’ll be the ones rummaging!