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How to write a birth plan

The basics of planning birth are deciding where you would like to give birth, whether you’d like to have any pain relief (and if so what types are you comfortable with) and also how you would like to give birth.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to work this all out on your own. Think of a birth plan as a collaborative document between you and your medical team. It’s the perfect way not only for your midwife to answer any questions you have but also for your midwife to learn about what they can do to make you comfortable, calm and confident during labour.

Sometimes a birth plan can put a lot of pressure on a woman to have a perfect labour. Any deviation from that plan can feel like a failure. That’s why you might find the terms birth wishes and birth map more useful. Because the reality is that you will not be able to control every aspect of labour. But what you can do is map out your preferred options for all the different possible paths your birth might take. Hopefully, this will mean not just a healthy baby at the end, but a mama who feels she can take on the world too.