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What you can do about pregnancy reflux

Lots of women experience reflux - also known as indigestion or heartburn - during pregnancy because of the changing levels of hormones in your body and also because of the growing pressure on organs that aren’t used to being put under pressure. Some of the key symptoms are burping, a burning sensation in your chest, regurgitating food, bloating and feeling sick. Not a barrel of laughs by any stretch.

Sometimes lifestyle changes are enough to reduce the discomfort. You can try eating healthily, including eating no more than you would have done before you were pregnant. It’s also worth trying to eat little and often as well as avoiding food altogether three hours before you go to sleep as being horizontal can worsen those symptoms. So that’s a hard no to midnight snacks? Yep, I’m afraid so.

Medication can also help here, such as alginates like Gaviscon or antacids like omeprazole, but as always it’s a good idea to check it over with your midwife or doctor first. It’s especially important to seek support if you’re having trouble keeping any food or liquid down or if you’re losing weight.