Tinto Rules

These rules and our Terms and Conditions are designed to ensure that all our users have a safe and enjoyable experience on Tinto, so that we can continue to build and engage in meaningful connections.  If you don’t follow these rules it may result in loss of access to the Tinto platform.

Unacceptable use of the Tinto Platform:

At Tinto we pride ourselves in building a diverse community of women. Respect of other people’s beliefs, values and interests is paramount on Tinto.  Tinto will not accept rude or abusive behaviour.  If you encounter any interactions that does not follow this rule please report it to hello@tintoapp.

Buying, selling, and advertising

At Tinto we do not allow any selling on the App without the prior written approval from us.  If you wish to sell advertise or promote your business, please contact us first at

Send original messages to other users

We encourage users to read profiles, learn about others’ Tinto’s, and send an appropriate relevant message to your network. We strongly advise against copying and pasting the same message (spamming) to every connection. 

Dating and relationships

Tinto is not a dating app, there are plenty of other platforms that do this. Please do not use Tinto to seek romantic connections.

If your use of our platform has been reported to breach the Tinto Rules, or the Terms and Conditions we reserve the right to suspend access to your Account, remove any content, or deactivate any Account as we see fit.