For organisations

Wellbeing for
women at work

Support employees from motherhood to menopause, and
create a culture that people stick around for.

It’s a win-win

The bare minimum of workplace benefits no longer cut it. And what’s more? It’s probably costing you. With Tinto, employees get expert coaching and a community of like-minded people. Which means better productivity and staff retention for you.


of participants see an
improvement in their


of participants feel more
confident in themselves

What your employees get

Tinto combines expert coaching and digital interventions, all based on
the latest scientific evidence


Free consultations

Book as many free consultations with our experts as they like.


Like-minded people

Connect with a group of women at the same stage.

one touch

One-to-one coaching

Check in daily with their very own wellbeing coach.


Wellbeing tracking

Monitor wellbeing with weekly check-ups.

Personalised resources

Personalised resources

Work on their wellbeing with resources handpicked for them.

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