About us

We’re with you
through motherhood

Nicknamed the SOS button, we launched Tinto during the pandemic as a way for isolated mums to ask each other questions. Now, we’ve turned it up a notch, providing holisitic wellbeing support to thousands of women every day.

Tinto’s conception

It all started with two exhausted mums who were fed up and
overwhelmed by contradictory and generic parenting advice.



Dr Hannah Allen was alarmed by the number
of pregnant women and new mums and
wanted to find a way to prevent wellbeing
concerns become healthcare crises.



Idia Elsmore Dodsworth felt she ‘should’ have
been thriving in motherhood, and wanted to
speak to someone in her shoes.

No more one size fits all

At Tinto, we believe in getting to know the woman behind the mum.
That way, we can answer your questions with advice that’s relevant and
supportive. We can connect you to the right experts and like-minded
mums. And we can give you continuous, holistic wellbeing support that
adapts as you do.

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