Personalised support
for women

Tinto is a wellbeing app that helps women thrive
throughout motherhood with support that’s tailored to them.

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Tinto’s mission is to create a space where all women
are able to thrive in motherhood.

Connect with women
who are similar to you

For relevant and judgement-free support, we’ll match you to
mums based on your interests and the stage you’re at. Getting
parenting advice can be overwhelming, which is why we stick to
one-to-one chats and small circles of support.

Get expert support faster
and for free

We bring the best health and parenting experts to you. From
midwives and feeding specialists to sleep consultants,
physiotherapists, and nutritionists, you can message our
verified experts for free, whenever you need them.

Make your wellbeing
a priority

Your wellbeing matters. And not just because taking care of
yourself positively impacts your baby. But because you
deserve it. Full stop. We’ll help you take self-care one step at
a time while keeping an eye on your overall wellbeing.



“I found I really connected with my suggested personality characteristics after I completed the Tinto questionnaire. Just to know that I can ask as many questions about my pregnancy as I want, when I want, makes me feel very reassured as an expectant first time mum.”


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